Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2.19 describe the reactions of magnesium, carbon and sulfur with oxygen in air, and the acid-base character of the oxides produced

The two non-metals burn in air- giving out heat and light- to bond with oxygen.
They become non-metal oxides, which are, by nature, acids.

Magnesium will burn in air to from a metal-oxide, these are always basic.


  1. doesn't magnesium produce magnesium oxide, which is basic?

  2. The carbon and sulfur react in air to form an acid which causes acid rain.

  3. I think you need to mention what the reaction looks like as well: eg. magnesium bright white flame

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    1. It's no problem :)) Thank you so much. I hope your results are just what you wanted!

  5. Magnesium burns with a bright white flame Sulfur gives a tiny almost invisible blue flame and Carbon may give a small yellow-orange flame depending on the purity if the carbon

  6. You have to mention for Mg, the white powder and bright white flame :)

  7. Thanks a lot for your answers! It will help me with my End Of Year Exams!